NOTE:  Velocity no longer sells this kit.  Peloquin (the manufacturer) still sells the kit. Contact Peter at http://www.thescirocco.com to purchase your kit!

NOTE:  This kit should only be used with 100mm inner CV joints.  There have been numerous reports of problems with 90mm joints/lowered vehicles.

The "Stage 2" Differential Upgrade increases the differential break away torque, allowing for better traction.  While the Quaife differential is the ultimate upgrade, it is expensive (~$1000).  Velocity has provided many people with an affordable alternative (~$100).  The Stage 2 kit is well designed and very complete.  The instructions Velocity provides are well written and straight forward. 

The Velocity kit contains everything else you will need to complete the job. Velocity Stage 2 Kit
Once the axle is removed, you will see the factory dust cap in the center of the drive flange.  The dust cap is removed and discarded. Velocty Stage 2 Upgrade
Here are the original parts after being removed. The Stage 2 kit includes the tool needed to remove the drive flange.  VERY EASY! Velocity Stage 2 Upgrade
The new Silicone-Bronze tapered rings, along with supplied shims, are the key to the upgrade. Velocity Stage 2 Upgrade
Follow Velocity's directions and you should have no problems. Velocity has obviously done their homework on this upgrade!

Be sure to refill the transmission fluid before driving.   Now is a good time to switch to Redline MTL.

Velocity Stage 2 Upgrade

Enjoy your extra traction!

Many thanks to Virtual World Parts for supplying the Velocity Stage 2 kit.


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