Wheel Bearing Replacement - Front Disc Brakes
So, it's time to replace your front wheel bearings?  The job really isn't as bad as you would expect.  You'll save over $150.00 by doing the work yourself, so don't hesitate to buy any tools you may need.

This is a great time to replace the struts, springs, strut bearings, and brake pads if needed.  It is also very easy to pull axle straight out to replace/repack CV joints with the strut assemby removed.

1. 17mm socket/wrench (strut and ball joint nuts)
2. 19mm socket/wrench (tierod nut)
3. 30mm socket (axle nut)
4. 4+ foot breaker bar ( to remove/install axle nut)
5. Gear puller (to disconnect tierod)
6. Allen wrench (to remove caliper)

Block the wheels and loosen the axle nut. The nut may be difficult to break loose. This problem can be overcome with the application of heat and a whack with a large hammer.  Standing on the end of a long breaker bar may also be required.

Loosen the wheel bolts, jack the car up, secure it on jack stands, and remove the wheel.

front5s.jpg (15735 bytes)
Disconnect the caliper (secure it out of the way), brake pads, and rotor. front6s.jpg (15549 bytes)
Disconnect the tierod. front7s.jpg (16795 bytes)
Disconnect the swaybar from the control arm.

Mark the position of the bolts that attach the wheel bearing housing to the strut assembly, along with several points at this connection. This will help with reinstallation and hopefully maintain alignment specs.

front9s.jpg (15843 bytes)
Remove bolt that holds the balljoint stud in the wheel bearing housing.

Hit the control arm near ball joint a few times with a big hammer to pop ball joint stud out of the wheel bearing housing.

Remove the bolts that attach the wheel bearing housing to the strut assembly

front8s.jpg (16523 bytes)
Remove axle nut. front10s.jpg (16588 bytes)
Pull off the wheel bearing housing assembly. front12s.jpg (13760 bytes) front11s.jpg (16469 bytes)
Take the assembly, new wheel bearing, and new hub to a machine shop and have the parts replaced. front13s.jpg (16044 bytes) front15s.jpg (18348 bytes)
Reinstall all parts and torque bolts to proper specifications. Specifications can be found in the Bentley Service Manual.
Wheel Bearing (2 required)
Hub (2 required)

Machine Shop Services - press in new bearings
Misc. new nuts/bolts
1. The dealer allocates 4 hours to do both sides complete.  At $63.00/ hour, that is $252.00 for labor.

2. The dealer allocates 1 hour per side to remove old and press in new bearings if you bring them the wheel bearing housing. At $63.00/hour that is $126.00 to just press in the new bearings.

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