Wheel Bearing Replacement  - Rear Drum Brakes
So, it's time to replace your rear wheel bearings?   Well, since the races (which should be included with your new bearings) should be replaced at the same time, and the drums themselves are probably pretty old,  it's a perfect time to replace everything with new parts. 

This is also a perfect time to inspect and replace (if necessary) the wheel cylinders, brake shoes, and parking brake cables.

The replacement is easy and can be done using a few common tools.
When beginning with new drums, the races must be pressed in. This is easily accomplished at home with simple tools.
The outer race can be tapped in with a large socket and a hammer. A piece of metal made squarely hitting the socket much easier. rwb1s.jpg (12016 bytes)
The inner race is larger than most commonly owned sockets.   This problem is easily solved by buying a large washer and grinding the outer edge so it is slightly smaller than the diameter of the race.  Place the washer on top of the race, and using a large socket, tap the washer until the race is fully seated.
With the races installed, it's time to move on to the fun part.
Loosen the wheel bolts, block the front wheels, release the parking brake, jack up the rear of the car, secure on jack stands, and remove the wheel. Now it's disassembly time...
Remove grease cap. Gentley tapping with a flat head screwdriver and hammer works well.
Remove the cotter pin and nut lock.
Remove the 24mm nut and thrust washer, and pull drum off.
After packing the inner wheel bearing with grease, place it in the drum, and insert a new grease seal.
Carefully slide drum over stub axle.

Pack the outter wheel bearing with grease and place in drum.

Reinstall thrust washer and 24mm nut. Tighten nut until the thrust washed can just barely be moved with the tip of a screwdriver using only hand pressure. Install nut lock and cotter pin.

Fill the grease cap with grease and reinstall.
Inner Wheel Bearing with race (2 required)
Outter Wheel Bearing with race (2 required)
Brake Drum (2 required)
Large Washer
$6.50 each
$6.00 each
$26.00 each

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