Scirocco European Side Marker Lights Installation

Greg Davis' 1985 Scirocco

The installation of side marker lights on your Scirocco is relatively easy and gives a unique look to your US spec Scirocco, along with an added safety factor. Read through this thoroughly before beginning. Remember, once you drill there's no easy way to fix a mistake. Good luck!

Drill, 5/16 and 15/16" drill bits, metal file, phillips screw driver, masking tape, and whatever else you decide you need to make your job easier.
  1. Begin by removing the plastic wheel well liner. This will allow you to make sure there is nothing behind the fender you will be drilling. It doesn't take much time, so you're better safe than sorry!

  2. Measure (horizontally) and mark the center of the bottom of the side molding piece just in front of the door.

  3. Measure the height of the side marker light. Divide the height by 2 and add about 1/16". Then measure this distance from the bottom of the side molding at the center mark. This is where the 15/16" hole will be drilled.

  4. Measure 1" towards the front of the vehicle parallel to the side molding. This is where the 5/16" hole will be drilled.

  5. At this point you should have two marks, one inch appart parallel to and below the side molding. Double check your measurements before drilling to insure that the side marker light will fit. "Measure twice! Drill once!"

  6. Drill a small, pilot hole at each mark, checking for clearance behind the fender. Then drill each hole to it's proper size.

  7. Once the holes are drilled, test fit the sidemaker light. A small amount of filing may be required to insure a proper fit.

  8. Paint the exposed metal edges so they won't rust.

  *** Pictures are for reference only. They are not to scale, but will give you a good idea how things are layed out.


Properly wired like the factory installion, the side marker lights will blink with (or as?) the turnsignals. These are not intended to be on continuously.

Wiring is the simple part. Route the wires from the side marker lights to the turnsignals. Then find the +12V wire for the turnsignals and the wire for the ground. Then solder one wire to to the +12 and one to the ground. If you don't want to solder, get "piggyback" spade connectors from Radio Shack. These are Y-shaped and have one female connector and two male connectors.

Final Installation:
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This picture shows factory installed sidemarker lights on a 1990 Scirocco Scala in England. This Scirocco belongs to Shane Pettingill.

<---- click the picture for the full vehicle!

And yes, those are Wolfsburg Edition badges on the fender. Yes, they were mailed to him from the U.S.

side marker lights Final factory style installation of side marker lights on a 1985 Scirocco.
European lights, turnsignals, and bumpers Here is a picture of the rest of the European spec package: bumpers w/ headlight washers, headlights and turnsignals.

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