Power Locks Installation

So you want to install power locks in your Scirocco? It is possible and it's not too hard. For less than $50 you should be able to purchase the needed door lock actuators, wiring, and relays.

Door lock actuator (activator): Aftermarket type actuators are available for around $10-$15 each. Get the two-wire type as they are easiest to install. Instructions with your alarm should give information need to wire them up. A good mail order source is Parts Express in Dayton, Ohio. Request a free catalog on their website.   Part #330-010 $7.95 are the actuators I used.

330-010m.jpg (3921 bytes)

Plastic Connector: Purchase a new "plastic connector" from your local VW dealer. This will replace the exisiting one on your lock mechanism. Make sure the new connector has TWO holes in it: one for the factory rod that goes to the door lock pull, and one for the new connecting rod from the door lock actuator. The "plastic connectors" are different for each door, so make sure they give you both. The part numbers you want are #357-837-083 and #357-837-084.  The VW description on them is "Lever." Cost was only $1.00 each!

Relays: You will need two relays to wire the actuators. I suggest using Bosch 20/30 amp relays.
Parts Express has these also. (see below)

330-070m.jpg (6141 bytes)

Use the picture below of the factory power door locks as a guide for installation.

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Below is similiar to what my final installation looked like. Notice I had to drill two new holes to mount the aftermarket actuators. You also have to cut and bend the connecting rod that goes from the actuator to the "plastic connector" until it fits. You may only have to bend the end that goes into the "plastic connector" and not the center section. All it takes is a little patience.

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Below is a diagram for wiring relays for the two-wire aftermarket type actuators.

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This page should  give you a better idea how to install your power door lock actuators. I've set up three Sciroccos this way and it works great. It is basically the same as a factory install, just a lot cheaper. Some shops have told people it's not possible to install aftermarket power locks in a Scirocco because they won't fit.  I'm telling you it is possible, and not all that difficult!

Wiring the actuators isn't too difficult either. All the car alarm installation instructions I've seen have given wiring diagrams for installing aftermarket two-wire type actuators.

Already have factory power locks and want to integrate remote operation? Just hook one actuator to the drivers door lock, and hook that into your alarm.  When you press the remote button, the actuator will trigger the factory system just like when you turn the key in door lock.

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