Heater Core Installation

Scirocco Heater Core Replacement

Do you smell that sweet odor of coolant inside your car? Is your windshield constantly fogged? Then it might be time to replace your heater core.

Note: The vehicle pictured is a Mk2 Scirocco with air conditioning, but the method described will most likely work on most A1 Volkswagens.

The hard way?
Replacing the heater core is not a fun job.  The thought of tearing the center console apart is something most people dread. Scirocco Heater Core Replacement
The job began by draining the coolant, removing the center console, and the cover on the driver's side of the console. After removing most of the clips holding the heater box halves together, I realized I should have followed an easier suggestion someone once made. "Cut the plastic where the heater core is and pull it out." Scirocco Heater Core Replacement
Or the easy way?  Following is the easy way of replacing the heater core.   You do not have to remove the center console when using this method!
1. Drain the coolant.

2. Remove the package shelf under the dash.

3. Remove the cover under the dash.

4. Remove the cover on the left side of the center console (four screws).  You will now see the two hoses going to the heater core.

5. Remove the hose clamps. Be sure to have a container ready to catch any coolant that may spill.

Scirocco Heater Core Replacement

6. Using a small hacksaw or knife, cut two verticle slits as shown in the picture.  The plastic should have two slight indentations were you need to cut. Bend this piece down to allow access to the heater core. Scirocco Heater Core Replacement
7. With the hoses removed, pull the old heater core out, and insert the new one.  Re-attach the hoses and hose clamps.

8. Bend the plastic flap back up. Re-attach using a solder gun to melt the plastic edges together. Take your time so you have a very clean finish.

Scirocco Heater Core Replacement
9. With the heater core opening re-sealed, install the hose cover, the cover under the dash, and the package shelf Scirocco Heater Core Replacement
With everything back in place, it's time to move to the engine compartment. Scirocco Heater Core Replacement
Now is a good time to replace the heater control valve.  This valve controls the flow of coolant to the heater core. Replacing this is as simple as removing two hose clamps and the control cable. Scirocco Heater Core Replacement
Be sure to refill the coolant when you are finished.

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