Scirocco Gas Pedal Bushing
After years of use, the gas pedal/throttle cable bushing wears, and in many cases, totally disintegrates.  The cable will frequently become disconnected and/or there will be a lot of play in the pedal. The next time you're shopping for parts, buy a new bushing and replace  the old one!

Be sure to buy the A2 (1985-1992) bushing. It is hard rubber and will last longer than the early foam style.

Gas Pedal Bushing
In this picture, the gas pedal bushing is missing and a wire tire was used to temporarily hold the throttle cable in place. gaspedal2s.jpg (18080 bytes)
The new bushing is pressed in place from right to left. The throttle cable end is inserted from the left.  Pressure from the throttle cable should pull the bushing tighter, instead of pulling the bushing out of the pedal. gaspedal3s.jpg (17807 bytes)
Cost Overview
$1.00 at your local imported auto parts store.  $3.00 at your local dealer.


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