Bumper Repair (and possible smoothing)
Damaged Scirocco Bumper A semi-truck decided to "modify" the European bumper on my Scirocco Mk2.  Thankfully, the insurance company settled fast (3 weeks) and to my satisfaction.

Once the insurance check was in hand, I immediately ordered a new pair of European bumpers from Virtual World Parts for less than the cost of one US spec bumper.
Repaired Scirocco Bumper Not willing to just junk the bumper, I spent a week repairing it.  Cost was approximately $60.00, plus $25.00 for a new trim strip.

Extremely happy with the repair, the new pair of bumpers went in to long term storage.  One day they will hang on my living room wall *grin*

SEM Products, Inc. manufactures a quality line of automotive repair and refinishing products. Having used their "Plastic Color Spray" for years, they immediately came to mind for repairing the bumper.  If you want quality, you want SEM!!

The repair process began by removing the plastic bumper cover from the metal backing.  The plastic cover was "roughed" into shape using a common workshop propane torch.   The torch was used to soften the plastic.  The plastic was then pushed back into shape from the back side.

The damaged area was then roughed up using sandpaper. The plastic was then cleaned using SEM "Plastic Prep."  Following the directions for the bumper patch, the damaged area was gradually built up, and block sanded.  After a final sanding and cleaning, SEM "Flexible Primer Surfacer" was sprayed. The area was then block sanded and primered several more times.

SEM "Texture Coating" was then used to duplicate the factory textured finish.  Practice before spraying, because it can be a touchy process.  Lightly spray the Texture Coating.  After it dries, use a very fine sandpaper to remove the high spots, and sand until it looks fairly closely to the factory finish. 

The metal backing and brackets were re-sprayed with Krylon "semi-flat black" spray paint.  The plastic bumper cover was then reattached.

Next, it was time for the top coat.  Clean the entire bumper using the "Plastic Prep." SEM "Vinyl & Plastic Color Spray" in satin black was used to restore the bumper to factory coloring.

This same basic process can be used to smooth a bumper, too.  A light coat of bumper patch on the entire bumper, and a good sanding would quickly provide a smooth finish. 

 SEM Products

Supplies Used Price
Part # 237        Evercoat "Flexible Bumper Patch" 237        $22.00
Part #38353     SEM "Plastic Prep"        $  8.00
Part #39133     SEM "Flexible Primer Surfacer (gray)"        $  8.20
Part #39853     SEM "Texture Coating"        $11.00
Part #15243     SEM "Vinyl & Plastic Color Spray (satin black)"        $  8.00
Part #8265-S    J-B Weld        $  5.00
Part #1613       Krylon "Semi-Flat Black" Spray Paint        $  3.00

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