Racers Links


Sports Car Club of America SCCA official website
North American Motorsports Autocross, Racing, Hill Climbs, Rally info & more
Tirerack's Solo II Novice Handbook Introduction to Solo II (Autocross) - must read!
SCCA Solo II Car Classification Rules What Solo II class are you in?
SCCA Forums Talk about everything you could ever want
Autocross.com All about autocross
Team.net Home to the Team-dot-net Mailing Lists
Car Setup and Troubleshooting Guide Making changes and setting up your car
Grassroots Motorsports Magazine America's Sports Car Magazine
Harry's "The Building of an ITB Scirocco"
Ian Pitts 1981 VW Scirocco - Solo II FSP
Jon Anderson's 1981 ITB Scirocco
Shawn Meze's Scirocco Racing Page
Raceteam.org's 1986 Scirocco

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