Scirocco Dealer Videos
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scirocco8vdealervideo1.jpg (36753 bytes) 1984 Scirocco 8V Dealer Video #1 - 47.2mb
Chris Economaki tells us what Scirocco features he thinks would appeal most to the true sports car enthusiast. Volkswagen sales people experience the Scirocco at a "Hi-Tech Rally". 
scirocco8vdealervideo2.jpg (48940 bytes) Scirocco 8V Dealer Video #2 - 28.4mb
Chris Economaki reviews the Scirocco at Laguna Seca raceway.  1985?
1985scirocco8vsalesmanvideo.jpg (45372 bytes) 1985 Scirocco 8V Salesman Video - 45.9mb
SSCA champion Tom Davey reviews the 1985 Scirocco at Sears Point Raceway.   Chris Economaki compares the Scirocco to the Honda Prelude, Pontiac Fiero, Mazda RX7, and Toyota Celica.
1986scirocco16vdealervideo.jpg (29566 bytes) 1986 Scirocco 16V Dealer Video - 31.6mb
Chris Economaki introduces the new 16 valve Scirocco. The United States Auto Club runs the Scirocco against the Honda Prelude, new Mazda RX7, and new Toyota Celica GTS.


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