Kamei Styling

Kamei, Wolfsburg, Germany 1957 "In 1953 Karl Meier, one of the first engineers with the Volkswagen factory, designed the first spoiler for a road car.  His idea was enthusiastically recognized, especially by high performance enthusiasts.  Among the leading German automotive accessory companies KAMEI has become synonymous with craftsmanship and engineering expertise.  It's precision from the windtunnel.   All spoilers or system kits are tested in the windtunnels of Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz."

"All parts have passed the coveted West-German TÜV, a special safety and performance certification test.  The evaluation of the KAMEI spoilers by E.P.A. (Environmental Protection Agency) of the United States came to the overall conclusion that KAMEI
spoilers have the potential to improve the fuel economy of some vehicles.  The most important is the percentage reduction in the drag force dues to the spoiler."

"With the X1 System kit, KAMEI offers extensive possibilities for creating a vehicle to suit individual tastes.  Well thought-out KAMEI X1 design, stringent stress tests, high fitting standards and optimized aerodynamics determine the KAMEI X1 quality characteristics."

Kamei Design

Much to our disappointment, Kamei no longer produces these body kits/accessories for the VW Scirocco.

Kamei Scirocco Kamei Scirocco

Source: Kamei catalog Part No. 52172 - February 1987

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