Autotech Supercharger - Circa 1986
There is very little information online about the supercharger that Autotech sold around 1986.  This page will attempt to compile whatever information can be found.  If you know anything about it, please email.

Application: A1/A2 8V VW engines

Supercharger made by Magnacharger (Type 80).

I have been told by other owners of this supercharger that REMOVED would be able to rebuild the old Type 80. Upon confirmation of this, I will update this page with more information.

9/20/04 It has been confirmed that REMOVED will work on the MC80. They are very busy, so don't be in a hurry.  All parts are available except the rotors.  If the rotors are damaged, you have an expensive paperweight.  

1/15/07 Over two years and I still haven't gotten my MC80 back from the people that were supposed to inspect and rebuild it.  Did it need rebuilding?  Probably not, but my intention was to daily drive it and I figured better safe than sorry.  It may go up for sale when I get it back.

Sometime over three years after sending my MC80 out for service, I got very worried and very frustrated and demanded it's return.  It sat at Bill Bushling's company for over three years without ever being looked at.  It was returned wrapped up just as I had sent it.  Do NOT believe a word that POS tells you. I expected it to take a year, but three years is beyond ridiculous.   He's a joke, his employees are a joke, and the company is a joke.  I did some digging online and found others with similiar complaints. 

Sales Literature For The Autotech Magnacharger Supercharger Kit
Installation Instructions And Supercharger Assembly Drawings
This is a 1 page .PDF document (91kb).  It is the assembly drawing from Magnacharger.
This is a 7 page .PDF document (408kb). It is the installation instructions from Autotech.
The Autotech Magnacharger Supercharger Kit
Below are photos of the main components of the kit. 
Intake Plenum:
sckit01s.jpg (22882 bytes)sckit02s.jpg (22525 bytes)
sckit03s.jpg (21570 bytes)sckit04s.jpg (22654 bytes)
Magnacharger MC80 (Type 80):
sckit11s.jpg (23241 bytes)sckit12s.jpg (23226 bytes)sckit13s.jpg (23354 bytes)
Intake Manifold With "Sneeze Valve":
sckit09s.jpg (22566 bytes)sckit10s.jpg (21612 bytes)
Low Boost Pulley and Stock Cam Pulley:
sckit07s.jpg (20829 bytes)sckit08s.jpg (21634 bytes)
Supercharger Belt Tensioner:
sckit05s.jpg (20655 bytes)sckit06s.jpg (22438 bytes)
Magazine Articles
June 1986 June 1986 June 1986 June 1986
October 1987 October 1987 October 1987
Miscellaneous Photos
This installation was in Arvin Quiros' 1984 Scirocco.  He has since sold the supercharger and replaced it with a turbo.
This picture was taken when VWVortex's "AceOvSpadez" was selling his setup.  The top pulley is a 36 tooth and the bottom is a 42 tooth.
Chris Brown equipped his 1982 Scirocco with the Autotech Supercharger - (Local Copy)

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