Scirocco Mk2 Collectibles

Nikko Radio Controlled Mk2 Made in Singapore by NIKKO, Copyright 1982, USA Pat. Nr. 4.471.566.  Distributed in Germany under the brand "Technotoy gmbh", RDC 1900 E1 SP33/83 ( printed on the floor of the car )

It has two gears ( one for racing and one for steep "roads" ). In the racing gear that thing is so fast that you can easily do power-slides on our tiles at home :-)

It is 20cm long ( 7.87 inch ) and 8,5cm wide ( 3.34 inch )

It has the Zender Z400 bodykit, even the different Zender-front-lights and grille.

It was available with and without operable headlights

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