Scirocco Mk1 "toys" are relatively easy to find.   The AMT model and Pilen diecast are often found on Ebay.  You should be able to purchase most of these for US$20.00 to US$75.00.  As time passes, they will become more and more difficult to find. Buy one today for your collection!

Please note: These are from private collections and are pictured for informational purposes. They are not for sale.

AMT 2002 1:25 -  Model - Build Stock or Road Racer
Made in U.S.A
Mk1 Scirocco
1:25 - Model Mk1 Scirocco ModelMk1 Scirocco Model
Imai 1:24 - 7.0"x3.5"x2.25" - Model
Includes motor
Mk1 Scirocco Model
Matchbox #14-37-47 Matchbox Speedtrack VW Scirocco Slotcar Mk1 Scirocco Slotcar
Minichamps 1:43 - Green - 1 of 4016

Pictured to be added

Minichamps 1:43 - Yellow - 1 of 3600

Pictured to be added

Minichamps 1:43 - Silver - 1 of 1344

Pictured to be added

Mira Ref. 4000 OVP Mk1 Scirocco
Mira Ref. 4000 Scirocco Bomberos Mk1 Scirocco
Mk1 Scirocco
Pilen M-511 1:43 - Green
Made in Spain
Mk1 Scirocco
Polistil AE.54 1:43 - Gold Mk1 Scirocco
REI SHK 620 1:43 - Green - Metal kit
Made in Brazil
Mk1 Scirocco - REI Kit
REI 1:43 - Police Car Scirocco Mk1
Schuco 301620 1:43 - Green
Made in Germany
Mk1 Scirocco
Schuco 301620 1:43 - Red - Recaro decals
Made in Germany

"Sicherheit durch Recaro" =  "Security by Recaro"
Mk1 Scirocco
Solido 1059 1:43 - Black
Made in France
Black with  red interior. Rollbar, spring suspension, silver wheels, wheel arches and big front air dam. Includes stickers for Muller Tuning, Castrol, Solex, Sachs, Bosch, Matter, and the taillights.
Mk1 Scirocco Solido
Solido 1059 1:43 - Silver/Blue
Made in France
Mk1 Scirocco SolidoMk1 Scirocco Solido
Yatming 1068 1:64 - Silver
Made in Hong Kong
Mk1 Scirocco

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